Mid-Autumn Outings with Your Beloved Pets
Enjoy Delicacies and Have a Fun Time Touring Hong Kong

Miss travelling? Well, Hong Kong is full of hot spots for you to visit too! This year, the SPCA x PJai & Friends would like to invite you to join us on a tour and visit some of Hong Kong’s most famous attractions at the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Let’s enjoy the SPCA x PJai mooncakes with a sip of tea and take photos at the best Instagram spots with your furry friends under the full moon!

Charity Mooncake

100% Hong Kong Mooncake Quartet Gift Set

The gift set consists of four unique small moon cake tin boxes designed to show the essence of four distinctive sceneries in Hong Kong. They are the Hong Kong Observation Wheel, double deck trams, nostalgic neon-lit streets and the renowned picnic spot at the Peak.

The beautiful mooncakes have also been embossed with PJai the Shiba Inu (mini yolk custard mooncake) and the SPCA logo (Maltitol low sugar mini white lotus seed paste mooncake with yolk) to make your reunion more joyful and fun.

Visit any aforementioned sceneries
Take a picture showing the PJai & Friends mooncake tin box
Upload the photo to Facebook / IG with #spcamooncake
Get a chance to receive the limited-edition of PJai & Friends foldable picnic mat or thermos

Mooncake Gift Box

Gift Set of 4

Mooncake Single Tin

Single Tin

NOT For Pets

Promotional Video

SPCA Mooncake x "Home Brew Tea"

Roll the Adventurous Dice

How can you not have mini-games to spice up the Mid-Autumn gatherings with your family and friends?

This year we are collaborating with 'Home Brew Tea' for the first time to transform the tea gift box into a specially-designed adventurous dice. Roll the dice, play the game, grab a mooncake with a sip of tea and take the adventure!

There are three flavours of tea for you to choose from - Earl Grey, Silver Needle and Lemon Tea. Take your time to pick your favourite. There is no point to rush while you are enjoying some fun time with family.

Mooncake Gift Set of 4

Add-on $99

Tea Box

*Earl Grey / *Silver Needle / *Lemon Tea

Mooncake Gift Set of 4

Add-on $99

Picnic Mat

Mooncake Gift Set of 4

Add-on $119


Pet Mooncake

Irresistible Pet Mooncakes for the Felines & Canines

The Mid-Autumn Festival symbolises reunion with family and loved ones. We must not forget our furkids who are also part of the family!

This year, PETISSERIE® is launching mooncakes specially made for your furry friends’ stomach. These beautiful mooncakes, embossed with the SPCA logo and Pjai the Shiba Inu, come in two popular flavours - goat cheese with chicken and salmon. We are sure your pets will enjoy them very much.

*PETISSERIE® will donate a portion of proceeds from the mooncake sales to support the SPCA animal welfare work.

We wish you a delightful reunion with your furkids & beloved ones with a taste of bliss and happiness.